about us | Barn of Monkeys
Organic fashion for children and teenagers, GOTS certified for little adventurers! Check out the collection and find us in a store near you!
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So what’s this barn anyway?


Barn of Monkeys is a creative fashion lab with a special approach to the concept of style.


It’s a brand with solid social and cultural values, seeking to create outstanding long-lasting garments, using nothing but the best fabrics, made with high-quality organic raw-materials with a GOTS certificate.


Barn of Monkeys gives the utmost importance to excellence, artistry and eco-responsibility, put on every detail of its outfits. But what makes Barn of Monkeys so unique, is its urge to make a statement and provide exclusive apparels with a meaning. Apparels for children and teenagers aged 2-16 that last longer, bring families together and shout out for gender standardization!

All products are made in Portugal.
All products are made in Portugal.